Fast-track your social media marketing for your small business

Join with other small businesses and discover how social media can be used to attract high quality customers for your business during any economic environment.

Small Biz Social Media Summit 2010 -live and online, just for you.

To our fellow small business owners;

We know exactly how you feel.  Those of us involved with bringing the Small Biz Social Media Summit to you are all small businesses ourselves.

We can relate.  You are being blasted with all of the news from the networks about how bad the economy is.  You are being bombarded with all of the options available to market and promote your business.  And you are wondering what should you do when it comes to marketing and connecting with your potential customers and your intended target market.

What is even worse, there is all this talk about the tools available to you online.  Internet based marketing like websites, blogging and social media.  And you are wondering how all of this might help you connect with your potential and current customers.

Social media marketing truly does address these issues head on.  In fact, internet based marketing, which includes websites, blogging and even social media are transforming businesses by providing amazing exposure, huge amounts of traffic, opportunities to develop partnerships and even joint ventures.  Even more exciting, social media and the other tools available are bringing in quality leads and potential customers on a daily basis.

We are happy to introduce to you what we believe to be the first live,online summit with some of the  midwest’s best to help you get a grasp on all of the hype.  Some of the most respected social media, internet based marketers and small business peers have come together to share their proven strategies.  They will give you real life, no hype and the nitty-gritty details you need to know how to take advantage of the benefits social media has to offer any small business.

If you are like all of us, you have been at one point or another confused by all of the hype or even the options available.  This is your chance to develop a plan and take actions which will right your marketing ship on the correct path.  To take advantage of some real life examples.  And to take what you learn home with you, back to your own small business.

Be sure to not miss your opportunity  to take advantage of the knowledge being offered.

In case you are wondering just what exactly social media is.  Social media marketing is an opportunity to engage with those individuals, businesses or organizations to generate exposure, opportunities and sales.