Social Media

Why Social Media?

Conquer the myth you have floating around in your head. You don’t need to be a tech-geek or even a teenager or twenty-something to use and benefit from social media in your business.

Large corporations like Ford Motor Company are using social media heavily to connect and engage with their market. That is not child’s play.

Get involved with social media now! For most brick and mortar small businesses, the idea of selling, pitching and using the hard sell techniques with prospects does not mix well with their idea of marketing.

You also most likely have fewer and fewer dollars to spare to spend on expensive marketing campaigns. And let’s not forget you are a small business.

The magic of social media is this. First, you can engage directly with your prospects, customers and your intended market without breaking the bank. Even if you invest the time and money and include a blog in your plan, the cost is minimal. In fact, most of the social media tools we will be talking about at the Small Biz Social Media Summit are completely free.

Does that resonate with you? There is no cost or impact on your bottom line to leverage most of the social media sites. And you can build a huge following of prospects and engage with your current customers too.

There is no better time then now to begin social media marketing. Sites like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook are adding users at warp speed. Literally hundreds of millions of people are using these sites. This is where your prospects and customers are spending their time, shouldn’t you be there too?

The whole point of the Small Biz Social Summit 2010 is to get you on track to implement social media in your marketing plan. And to meet other small business owners on the same path as you. Even The Smallest Business Can Make Smart Use Of Outsourcing, learn more.